Preventing the 3P’s!!

Just back off my holidays – had a few days in the Mumbles. Highly recommended. Awesome time & beautiful scenery!

It got me thinking on a few things… Firstly, holiday can signal a change from the norm, time out, time way. For some they want to change everything, for others, especially following a plan, it can be a hard time to stick with it!

Of course, the thing is, we are all different! What works for some, might not work for others and vice versa.
You might choose a break away as a time to change your plan for a defined period & effectively ‘rest’ or adjust the exercise & food plan to suit. Whichever you use, it pays to think ahead & plan! Rather than waiting until you get away, it will generally pay dividends to plan ahead & be clear what you want.

Saying that, even though I had already planned some mountain biking in with the planned break, & had actually planned to stick to a hard food plan, in the end I actually adjusted the food plan to suit the structure of the holiday. (Less stressful & easier to follow).

So, obviously there has to be flexibility!! It actually paid dividends, as the simple change/variation in eating has given me renewed vigour towards my goal. Of course, there has to be some ground rules & it doesn’t help to deviate too much from your desired approach!! There is no one right way, only the one that suits you.

Secondly after around 6 hours of mountain biking over the day, it made me realise how that much exercise had triggered my hunger!!¬†Despite the fact we brought a packed lunch I noticed my hunger was high for the rest of the day. So what’s my point here?

The thing to watch out for here is over eating or rewarding yourself with food, post exercise!¬†It’s a common phenomenon where there has been a lack of progress in body change- compensating & rewarding yourself post workout, which can partly/wholly offset all your hard work!!

The extended exercise session (compared to normal shorter session), triggered longer post exercise hunger in me. This might explain in part the current thinking in small high intensity exercise blocks, as opposed to long low intensity exercise sessions. More of which in my future blogs!!