Prioritising health over performance, even when performance is the goal.

Exploring joint range of motion and effective aerobic protocols (Cardio) have become staples in my basis for programming.

My premise is that, if the basic function of the machine is optimal then any change we wish to make will come more easily, simply because the body will react more predictably to the stimuli we expose it to and can recover quicker and more efficiently, allowing for more progression in less time.

Simple simple in theory, slightly harder in practice. The concept is attractive to most but the reality can require more patience and diligence than most are willing to endure.

Training strength under full range of motion requires skill, fortitude and progression over time. Equally, effective aerobic work can seem less exciting than a trendy HIIT class, and depending on the personality type, it can be a challenge to get the client to buy in to the long term idea.
The prospect of a 12 week transformation rather than a lifelong pursuit of health and strength is easier to sell but sustainable and meaningful results come from continuous, progressive and long term work.

Fortunately, there are ways to package said training styles to make them fun and attractive, and hopefully have the person believe in the process.
This style has proven itself to be effective because the body can really only change so much every time we expose it to specific stressors, therefore needs longer to make any meaningful change.

If you’re still reading this, then I thank you and hope to see you in the gym.

Coach Camacho