Rake for life!

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In America they call this ‘yard work’ but here we rather sweetly call it gardening, which sounds less energetic and more pleasant. However, as my Dad and I experienced yesterday, it can be very effortful. We planted three new shrubs and raked a ton of leaves. You don’t have to be age 85 to reap the benefits of raking; it’s a tough bend, stretch and pull exercise for us all. Add that to the other countless jobs you could do in the garden and you can pass a merry hour blowing steam at the birds. So, if you’re sat around the house starting to feel chilly and lethargic, pull on your boots and get raking. Even without trees in your garden you are sure to have leaves piled up about he place.

Other ideas for winter chores that stack up the calories and get you puffing:

Autumn spring-cleaning. Even if you have a cleaner, mid-cleaner jobs are abound and really work up a sweat. Pulling out sofas to rake up the dust (!), buffing windows to a shine, changing bed sheets and polishing the silver all add up activity points. Standing up is always better than sitting down when it comes to calorie burning.

Washing the car. Imagine my son’s annoyance when he gets home to find I have cleaned the car and denied him of £5! Oops.

I could say chopping wood into small pieces for the wood burner, but I don’t actually do that job, so that’s a cheat. Good exercise for my husband though.

Try not to use cold as an excuse for staying indoors, use it as a reason to move more.

Lisa 🙂