Having just come back from a break away, albeit a small one, 

I can heartily recommend the importance of prioritising down time, 

and incorporating rest & recuperation (R & R). 

Of course you don’t have to book time away to switch off and relax, 

but it definitely supplements planned, regular recovery time out in your normal week.

Interestingly, from a hormonal point of view, R & R helps you to ‘balance’ out your life, 

and can reduce typical stress hormones, such as cortisol. 

If you and your body are continually in a heightened/stressed state, it can; 

elevate blood pressure, 

put extra pressure on the cardiovascular system, 

increase the risk of heart disease, 

increase anxiety and depression, 

interfere with digestion, 

affect sleep patterns, 

affect mental focus and memory, 


cause weight gain, to mention just a few critical effects. 

So you can now begin to understand just how important it is to switch off?

How do you relax? 

How do you build in regular R and R?

There are many ways, and of course it’s a very individual thing, but here’s some suggestions;





Progressive muscle relaxation 

Relaxation classes – yoga, tai chi, etc 


Using essential oils 

Listening to music 

Practising mindfulness 

Focused breathing 


Stretching and mobilising muscles/joints 

Ultimately it’s important that you find one or a number that work for you. 

Until next week 

Best wishes