‘Resetting’ the body and mind!


This week I’ve had a number of clients coming in for a pre planned high energy exercise session, that’s had to change drastically.

The beauty of personal training of course, is that we can embrace spontaneity, and adjust instantly, to an individual clients needs.

The clients in mention, had had combinations of tough work schedules, disturbed sleep, low energy, and stress, to name but a few issues.

Sometimes of course I have to judge whether a downtempo/restorative session is required, a lower intensity workout, or whether they lack motivation, or impetus to train as required!!

This week in all cases it was definitely the turn of a restorative session, by doing a progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

In this, the client lies on a mat in our downstairs area, heater on, curtains closed, pillows and support cushions, lights off and relaxing music.

I then talk the client through focussing on breathing, heart rate, and individual muscle groups.

Here, under slow, easy, & relaxed instruction, the client tenses and relaxes through each body area, being mindful of the differences felt between tension, and then the relaxation afterwards.

Towards the end, I will then do visualisation to encourage a deeper level of relaxation.

These sessions really help to let the body and mind ‘calm’ and where needed ‘resetting’ the body more towards its status quo.

There are a number of these on podcasts, apps and even YouTube. Look under ‘progressive muscle relaxation’ and try it yourself. You will be surprised how much better you can feel even in 20 minutes.

Best wishes