Retro eating?


I read a report this week about our eating in the 1970’s.

What struck me firstly was that eating was structured around 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and supper, and generally no snacking.

Secondly, that it tended to be ‘normal’ unprocessed, unrefined foods and drink.

Growing up the only ‘fast’ food establishment was wimpy (but still served on a china plate!) and it was really only the Italian, family, coffee shops that existed, for that type of thing.

Obesity has grown from this period to nowadays, and I there have been many suppositions as to why.

I think we would assume we generally eat more now, but the figures suggest, not as much as you think.

What has changed more-so though is WHAT we are eating.

One worry is about the additional chemicals within our food chain. I think it’s too early to say what long term impact this has on our human systems.

Our sugar intake has definitely increased from the 1970’s and I think this added to fat, creates a perfect fat forming food cocktail.

The combined elements of sugar and fat, like in chocolate or a doughnut or cake also work on testing our willpower, and it seems for a lot of us, switches off the ‘I’m full now’ button.

We are definitely marketed towards a lot more now, with more attractive packaging, and advertising and supermarkets working overtime, to assault all of our senses, to make us buy more and more.

The food and diet industries are huge and it’s often very confusing when we are told many conflicting stories. The truth is, these industries need to sell, and need us to buy.

What I was told many years ago & I think still holds true, both from a fat loss and general health perspective, was – “to only eat what your gran or grandad might recognise from their childhood”.

Food for thought. Literally.

Until next week, best wishes