Run Forrest Run (in the park!)

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A friend of mine last week said he had run his first Park Run, and felt stiff for a week, but was going back this week to run again. I asked him when was the last time he had run – “school” he replied! I do not recommend running 5km without training when you haven’t been running for a while, however, progressing sensibly up to 5km over a few months is likely an achievable target for many.

Park Runs are events run by volunteers to encourage running in all age groups at local parks. Each runner is timed using a barcode, which you receive after first registration and continue to use at each run you attend. The run is free and there are now 406 venues countrywide where every Saturday at 0900 the timed runs take place. There are also junior runs for ages 4-14, which are 2 km.

In Bristol there are Park Runs at Ashton Court and Pomphrey Hill. At Ashton Court the average number of runners each week is 229. The fastest female recorded a time of 18:19 (in 2013) and the fastest male runner 16:00 (in 2015). So, if you fancy challenging that, or you have never run 5km and want to get started on perhaps a regular running habit, then pop along next Saturday to Ashton Court or one of the other venues (see the website for details The website is really informative and clear, and you can track your progress over the weeks as all the results are posted.

Need help in planning your training for a Park Run? Give us a bell, we’d love to see you.

Lisa 🙂