Sand between the toes

‘A little sand between the toes always takes away the woes’ a sign said on the loo door in the seaside cafe we visited yesterday. It certainly helped for me, my Dad and my sister.

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My sister and I took my Dad to Ogmore by Sea in south Wales for a walk along the beach, as he said it is the thing for him that would most relieve feelings of stress. It was a beautiful day, and the sea sparkled. There could not have been a better day to appreciate the wonderfulness of a quiet sandy beach, interesting cliffs and the mesmerising sound of the sea.

At only one hour and a quarter away from Bristol it was an easy journey. We were impressed by the rock formations of the cliffs at the back of the bay, and the coastal path (Glamorgan Heritage coast) that stretches for 14 miles with spectacular views.

Although only my sister and I submerged our ankle bones into the water, we all had a lovely, peaceful time and felt the calming but uplifting benefits of being in awesome natural surroundings.

Tea and cake in the cafe later, overlooking glorious blue sea was a magnificent end to the day.

Lisa 🙂