SAS or SAD?!


Why do you exercise?

Serious question.

For the majority of my clients, I’ve found it tends to be ‘weight’ change/ body composition improvements, or just ‘physically’ looking better.

So, despite the obvious benefits of many exercise forms, especially from a health perspective, it’s ‘appearance’ that is a primary driver!

I have to admit here, I would have included myself within this reasoning for many, many, years.

But here’s the thing, what about just doing physical activity, because you can?!

That is, for the sheer enjoyment of challenging the body to do physical things. Using the heart, the lungs and muscles for what they were designed for – MOVEMENT!

The body is A-mazing and can do much more than we think it can, or take for granted.

Many have proved, beyond doubt, that the body can overcome extreme measures, WAY beyond what was previously thought possible.

I absolutely loved the recent SAS training programme, that highlighted this superbly.

The main limiting factor for most, was MENTAL toughness, WAY before the physical body gave up.

As I’ve got past the Magical 50 mark now, it’s really got me thinking of my own longevity, and aging as a whole.

Luckily I feel a lot younger than my birth years suggest, but I’ve realised in previous years I’ve punished and denigrated my body, not rejoiced it.

It’s done amazing things for me, half marathons, duathlons, huge preparation for a bodybuilding competition, and quite a number of Sodbury slogs, to name a few.

You only have one life, and one body, so look after it. Both from movement perspective and what you put in it.

I want to continue to do many, many things, so I need to take precious care of it.

Why has it taken me so long to realise this?

Who knows?

One thing is for sure though, hating is destructive, loathing mentally tiring, and what positives can this ultimately bring – NONE!

I hope you are able to, not only love your truly amazing body, but celebrate and rejoice it, and find ways to challenge yourselves both mentally and physically!

Until next week,

Best wishes