Say ‘Moo’ to a cow!

cow-234835_640 (1)

I’ve got a cold and feeling sorry for myself, so I shall write a very short blog.

Out on a solo cycle this week I was enjoying the quiet of the countryside, spinning past beautiful freshly ploughed fields, and general greenness everywhere. I was feeling good; one of those days when you feel strong and exercise feels easy. I was focussing on the scenery around me and aware that other distracting thoughts were far from my mind. I passed a field of cows and some of them looked at me, with their gorgeous black comic fringes, and pretty, shiny eyes, and I couldn’t help but yell ‘moo’ in a friendly (possibly mental) way. It made me laugh, and I think the cows loved it too!

I do recommend not only cycling on quiet country lanes but talking to animals as well. It’s all good for the soul. Anyone with me on this? 🙂