The science of happiness

Illustration depicting a green roadsign with a happiness concept. Blue sky background.

I read a research article this week that found there were 4 clear steps to being happy.
It was no surprise in part that being happy can be something you work on, as opposed to letting it just happen.

They pinpointed the 4 aspects to be;

1. Training your attention – including waking up with gratitude, expressing kindness & being non judgemental. Simple as it sounds, it helps to focus your mind on those actions which bring happiness. Typically helping others can bring about happiness.

2. Getting emotionally tough– even if things go wrong, focussing on the positives of whats happened. i.e. What can be learnt to move on. It’s easy to focus & dwell on a negative, which is very destructive.

3. Connecting your mind & body – doing tasks like reading, deep breathing, yoga, art, meditation, etc. Taking ‘time out’ in this fast paced world is imperative- regularly include activities that let you be mindful & connect with your inner self.

4. Picking healthy habits – moving/being active, exercising, lightening up.
Just moving, no matter what the intensity, is good for the soul. Try & incorporate it into your daily ritual.
I was told once by a client psychiatrist the key to healthy family life with kids was to not sweat the small stuff & also to pick your battles, this too was highlighted here.

Even if you incorporate just one of these factors into your daily routine it will have impact. I would encourage you to try some over a week and see if it has a positive outcome.

Best wishes
Stuart 😊