Self improvement..

Well, Christmas is rapidly approaching now and I hope it signals some time off for you with your loved ones?

For the first time ever in my working life I’m going to be totally off between Christmas and New year. 

It’s just one of the critical steps to bringing more balance in my life. 

Another is re organising my work schedule to bring about more time for myself and my family.

This is so alien to me, but crucially important. 

I’ve changed my thinking to having to work all hours to provide for my family, to starting to create a more balanced structure for the improvement of my own health and wellness. 

Quite simple, but very profound for me.

As I was brought up to work hard and provide for my family, this was a primary driver for me, but I’ve realised it was to my own and others detriment around me. 

I’ve realised for long term wellness, that format is not sustainable, and is indeed decreasing my own health. 

As mentioned in prior blogs, I was brought up to put others first, and whilst it’s important for to me to care about those close to me, I’ve realised I must put myself first, whilst thinking of others. 

Simple to write now but poles apart from my previous thinking. 

I’ve realised that to love others you must love yourself first, and that’s something that just wasn’t happening.

I was using work as a focus to keep myself busy to distract from caring for myself. 

I actually felt guilty loving myself and to be honest it’s still a bit alien, but I’ve realised especially looking at the research, how critical it is for health, to love and care for yourself. 

You are what you think.

And I’ve realised that the way I speak to myself is damaging. 

I would never, ever, speak to somebody else like that, so why would I self talk that way to myself? 

From what I’ve read, the way you think about yourself not only changes your own physiology  but that can even be passed down through your DNA! Wow! That’s powerful stuff! 

So my mantra from now on is, be careful what you think about, because it can impact severely on long term wellness and your own mental status. 

Here’s to greater self improvement in 2020! 

Until next week,