Self preservation at Christmas


With such a challenging time at the moment personally, it makes me think of the importance of self.

It’s not something that comes naturally, as I have engraved in my DNA, ‘put others before yourself’.

I think I have to challenge this well engrained belief system now though!!

Yes, help and do good for others, but not to the expense of yourself.

If I think a bit deeper on this subject, it also has a lot to do with self worth. I have to be honest here and say I can do it on a work level, but find it harder on a personal level.

It’s an interesting concept really, and one that I definitely need to work on.

I have had quite a number of clients that come through the personal training doors with poor body image.

I’d hazard a guess that actually the majority of clients are taking part in fitness to change something physical first about their looks. (Even if they don’t discuss it).

Despite the huge benefits of exercise of increased wellness, mental health, etc it’s the potential to change physically, that drives them.

Christmas is typically one of those times where people are a lot busier and stressed and it’s easy to relegate your own wellness to bottom of the pile.

Here’s my few tips to help work on this;

Try and plan ahead for yourself. However you do it , whether it be diary or planner, try to book in rest and recuperation, aswell as time for movement.

Be realistic as to what’s achievable in the given time frame and build in a contingency. It’s better to plan 1-2 decent sessions rather than try and fail at 4.

Be prepared to adjust your fitness regime to take into account extra tiredness or R & R needs.

Try and get out in the open fresh air- even if it’s a walk. (I’m lucky enough to live next to the beach but equally Hill, dale or woods will suffice). Hell, even a walk around the block!!

Try and plan ahead with food and try and prepare your fridge to make it easy to grab healthier produce too. Batch cook and put in containers, use a slow cooker, even buying a cooked chicken and deboning it, cook a tray of veggies, etc

Look at your quality of sleep and if possible get to bed a little earlier. Decent sleep is very restorative.

Look at ways of managing your stress. It could be 10 mins with a cup of tea and a book, a soak in the bath, a casual stroll, a hard hitting HIT workout, whatever works for you.

Yes I think it’s also worth sharing any troubles. Even just having somebody listen, without trying to find answers, is extremely therapeutic.

Whatever this next few weeks brings, I hope you are able to think of yourself, amongst the chaos of Christmas.

Best wishes