Self responsibility


I just had a conversation with another personal trainers client whilst he was waiting for her. Just idle chit chat, but we were discussing older relatives and family and the lack of exercise or movement, and the implications that this holds.

Funnily enough we both agreed that you can take a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

What is the answer to individuals understanding, recognizing and then taking action toward their own wellness?

How do you build responsibility towards personal health?

How do you go about increasing public health and awareness and encourage increased movement?

Not even formal exercise, but just movement, has such MASSIVE implications for overall health and wellness!

It has been suggested that there are multi factors that affects those from being inactive, such as social status (the higher move more), education (highly educated move more), proximity to facilities (closer encourages more to move), gender (females having lower levels than male counterparts), ethnic (certain cultures having reduced movement), and socioeconomic factors (poorer people don’t exercise and move as much as richer counterparts).

Here’s just some of the interesting, if not alarming facts, I found about the global and national health, in a brief search;

Inactivity is suggested to impact on as many deaths as that of smoking!

A University of Bristol-led U.K. study found 80% of people failed to meet the government target of taking moderate exercise at least 12 times in a four-week period.

The World Health Organisation estimates physical inactivity causes 1.9 million deaths a year worldwide, including 10% to 16% of breast cancer, colon cases and diabetes cases and about 22% of coronary heart disease cases.

Almost one in 10 adults have not walked continuously for five minutes in the past four weeks, according to one of the most comprehensive studies conducted into physical fitness levels in the U.K.

Education, that is, understanding the benefits of activity, definitely helps in making an informed choice.
Perhaps also understanding the downfalls of what happens when there are low levels inactivity does too, but it clearly doesn’t seem enough for a vast majority of the masses.

I wonder if it’s an ‘ignorance is bliss’ kind of attitude or just a blatant disregard thinking ‘ oh well, it won’t happen to me!’

Personally, I’ve realized it’s my belief in self responsibility, that is, not blaming anyone but myself for my own actions, that is the driving force behind my own mortality. I also want to be able to pass on this knowledge and the collective belief systems, to my children and their children’s children!

Best wishes