Learning to love ❤️


Absolutely loving this beautiful weather! I think it makes life seem so much more radiant and positive!
Speaking of which, how you feel, has a massive impact on your wellbeing, both short and long term.

Perhaps not really that surprising that your mental state and outlook, can have a massive impact on a whole cocktail of hormonal responses, which obviously not only effects the mental aspect of health, but the physical.

Personally, it’s something I’ve been working on a lot more recently.
I’ve realised, that whilst I do consider myself a positive person with a positive outlook, how I’ve been viewing myself, has negatively impacted on my overall wellness.

I’ve decided that in my big push to improve majorly my overall health, I need to really work on something I’ve been fighting most of my life.

Something has clicked, call it a lightbulb moment, but i have had the self realisation that I need to like myself, in fact love myself. (It even feels weird typing that).

Having worked and helped many people change their behaviour and improve I’ve realised that those who have struggled to change the most, are often those who are deep down unhappy with themselves.

Of course some of the foundations of the diet and fitness industry can in one way empower, enrich and improve, but paradoxically can also make people feel inadequate, unworthy, and belittled.

The ethos of Personal Space was built on a non intimidating, fun environment, where people feel safe, not judged, and can enjoy the full benefit of movement and the plethora of benefits that exercise brings.

Part of the success of Personal Space, in what is now its 17th year, (almost to the day), are from these very principles.

I think for the fitness and health industry to flourish it has to build in, and attract those who can’t yet buy into the amazing effects of increased movement, better nutrition, and the positive mental benefits that it brings.

Best wishes
Stuart 😊