Sending out the love….

Well, a new month and straight into September! Where has that time gone?!

It’s actually a good time for planning, as most people get back to some normality and routine, after the summer holidays. 

In reality of course, planning can be done at any time, with the right impetus. 

If you have any particular goals you want achieve, i’d love to know! 

After coming back from the Bristol Downs festival I was loving the whole vibe and the collectiveness, so here’s a genuine, free of charge, no catch, fitness offer from me; 

Feel free to direct message me, existing client or not, with what you want to achieve. 

Write down just 3 things you’d like to achieve from now until Xmas. 

Feel free to let me know how you are getting on throughout,  and I can see how you all get on in December. 

It can be fitness, diet, lifestyle, sport or anything! (Within reason! 😉)

A big part of having a personal trainer is the accountability to someone else. Let me be that person! 

The goals can be big or small, just sending out the love with the Bristol Vibe!

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Best wishes