Simple, no equipment, holiday workout ideas!

I’m off on my holidays at the end of the week & I was thinking a few of you might be as well?

It’s going to be quite an active holiday anyway, but I thought I’d give you an idea for a high intensity, rest based interval hotel room workout, that you do not need any kit for!

The ‘nice ‘ (if that word can be used here!) thing about rest based Intervals is that whilst they really push your personal limits, you are also allowed adequate recovery to be able to work again.

The idea is to push yourself enough that you need to rest & then go again when you feel you can. Rather than defined recovery periods you use your own intuition to know when you can go again. (Within good reason!)

I get my clients to use an RPE or rate of perceived exertion scale to measure intensity. There are different scales but to keep it simple I get them to think about a 1-10 scale. Where 10 is eyes out on stalks (!) & 1 is very sedentary minimal intensity. You would rate as an overall feeling – heart rate, breathing & muscles.

For the ‘hard work’ element you would push as hard as you can for as long as you can. (10 RPE if possible). So that means not holding anything back (or pacing) to last the time, but all out 110% effort. Then rest as you need. I get clients to go again on an RPE 5/6 where recovery should be enough to go again.

Interval times can vary but I get my clients to do¬†20, 40, & 60 second intervals. Obviously for the 60 second intervals it’s very hard to keep maximum intensity for that time however, you do what you can to try & keep going.


Here’s some example workouts;

Squat jumps 20 seconds then rest as you need
High knees on the spot sprints 40 seconds then rest as you need
Jump Jacks 60 seconds then rest as you need

You could repeat these for up to 20 minutes but obviously use what time you have. (Even 10 minutes would be good, especially first thing).


Here’s another workout for you to try;

20 second exercises- star jumps
Rest as you need
40 second exercise – tuck jumps
Rest as you need
60 second exercise – on the spot heel kick ups.
Rest as you need


Obviously you can tailor the exercises to suit your level of fitness, ability & injuries, as these particular exercises are challenging.
There will be others that can be done outside (sprinting is excellent) & the pool too (using swim strokes). The benefits of this type of exercise is that it really pushes your fitness, is excellent at getting the metabolism fired up & as such is great for fat burning.


Have fun! 🌞

Best wishes