Simple but profound thought…..


Just a short, but hopefully poignant blog this week.

Not only a reminder to myself, but hopefully a way of ‘reframing’ your own way of thinking and improving overall wellness.

It’s easy to be personally affected by many things around you. Things you have read, what people have said directly or indirectly to you, life’s twists and turns that test you, even the way people react around you.

Whilst sometimes we might feel things in our life are ‘out of our control’, or that whatever we do, cannot positively improve a situation, remember this;

The way you choose to react to anything IS in your total control- 100%.

Others cannot MAKE you feel a certain way, as its the way you choose to react that affects how you feel. The way you choose to interpret any situation IS in your hands.

I’m just dipping into the ancient teachings of Stoicism to learn more and these thoughts are just the tip of the iceberg.

I think just one of the early messages here is –

focus on what you can control, not the things you can’t.

Quite a simple message and yet very profound.

Quite often, and I’m guilty here, too much brain space is taken up with things out of personal control. This has obvious affects on our mental health and well-being!

More to come!

Best wishes