Slowly, Slowly, catchee….

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In a move to buck the lockdown trend, I’m actually dropping body fat, not putting it on!

As I heard on the radio yesterday, when interviewed the guy said “I’m trying to lose 10kg, I’ve got 20kg to go!!” 


I thought it’s a perfect time to do so because I have more time to focus on my own exercise routine, and with regards to diet, I don’t have to prep ahead.  In fact Lisa has been brilliant with this, as she’s been baking and making the perfect foods for me.

What I wanted to say to all those who are also trying this tack,  is bare with it!

Il be honest and say that it’s not an easy course of action because results can be so variable, but that is the nature of the beast as they say.

I think however if you don’t expect constant, uniform loss, then you won’t be disappointed!

In fact it’s worth remembering that, unfortunately, the metabolism is not a  calculator. It doesn’t keep an exact tally, so for instance you could think it might say “ ah yes, well Stuart ate less here, and exercised more here, so therefore exactly during or after il use up X amount of body fat.

Sometimes it might play along and think “well I’ve burnt a lot of calories, I’ve eaten less to cause calorie deficit, and my hormones are in balance, so il use up my stores!”

Conversely it might say “mmm, I sense physical stress on my system, let’s change things to minimise the impact!

Let me slow things down metabolically to conserve energy, let’s bring about hormonal changes that increases hunger (ghrelin), so this then increases the chances of storing body fat. Hell, we might even burn some muscle to mix it up a bit!!

It’s worth remembering too, that the metabolism can be reactive – push too hard and it can push back, but even harder than before!

The saying slowly, slowly, catchee monkey,  comes to light here!

It’s worth noting that it pays to do things steadily, so not to evoke a negative metabolic reaction, but at the same time recognising it might not always bring about steady results -as frustrating as that is!!

So if you are having a hard time of it, take it steady and keep on applying steady pressure!

Obviously if you are having long plateaus then something needs to change, but then YOU can be reactive too- just like your metabolism!

All the best