Slowly, slowly catchee monkey….

At this time of year a lot of people are thinking about change. A new & improved life, diet, exercise plan, either some, or all!!

My regular clients are fired up to achieve & I also have new clients coming in to get a quick fix!
Whilst it’s great to see quick change, it also has to be sustainable.
I do have some clients who, as a part of their personality, are ‘boom’ or ‘bust’ types, and it’s often those who find it the hardest to sustain their programme for any length of time.


The longer I have been in the industry the more I realise the importance of sustainability.
So perhaps, rather than going from one extreme to another there should be a level of moderation & long term change that you can keep to.
It does depend on you & your personality type, but health wise, it certainly is better to keep a moderate format.




Personally, I have to admit, I have tended to go super strict & then back to normal – whatever that is. I have always taught moderation to my clients – not banning foods but having some, but not too much.
Obviously there can be trigger foods to be aware of that induce eating off track, but you might not of heard of buffer foods? They satiate enough for enjoyment, but might stop you from over eating other favourite foods in bulk.
Whilst it can be important to be strict at times, I now realise that it is better to have some flexibility, if it helps you stick to the programme in the long term.
So whilst I hate the concept of a ‘cheat meal’ – because it implies naughtiness & going off track, if it helps you keep to your own eating plan without going AWOL, then it’s perfect.
Food for thought – literally!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊