Sneaky *astard!


The catalyst for this weeks blog stems from my year ketogenic/Banting experiment and that fact I feel my results have slowed a little.

This is an extremely common and frustrating phenomenon, but one in which I’m going to give you some key pointers on what to do!

You know what they say – fight fire with fire!

Think of your own metabolism as a balance board – step one way and the board reacts by tilting, then you counterbalance by moving the other way and the board adjusts – sometimes slow, sometimes fast. This is what the metabolism is continually doing when you are adjusting movement/exercise and your food intake.

The metabolism doesn’t always move in the way you want it too- it doesn’t think- ah well she has exercised a bit more this week & avoided cake so therefore ‘X’ should happen.

It’s in the metabolisms interest to keep the status quo. It doesn’t always like change, so will adjust all manner of things to ensure you stay the same. To lose bodyfat/gain muscle you really need to understand how the metabolism works and then adjust it to suit you.

Whilst we would all like to know exactly what to do, in reality we are all different, so you should also create an individual plan.
So whilst you might search for the holy grail – there is NOT one way.

You need to find your own path!

Interestingly, this is why your hunger, energy and cravings need to be balanced to encourage long term loss. When you are losing fat over time, your metabolism will notice how you are reacting to this and can do the following;

Increase hunger cues

Decrease your metabolism to save losing more (adaptive thermogenesis)

Decrease muscle mass to lessen calorie need

Increase fat storage hormones

decrease fat burning hormones.

What a sneaky *astard!!

So how can you fight fire with fire? What do we know that can help us fight back?

Obviously you have to find, using your own detective skills, what works for you as an individual.

Here’s some of the key factors I have found and what’s been suggested to help get over a plateau and get things moving again;

1. More resistance/weight training than cardiovascular exercise (although everyone’s different so try it and see!) This helps to keep/improve muscle that is calorie burning tissue.

2. Periodizing different types of exercise plans. Adjusting the amount and type of exercise – sometimes more and sometimes less (think stress on the system), keep the body guessing. Short intense exercise sessions can really help get things moving if you haven’t done them before.

3. Adjusting food – main meal at lunchtime, light evening meal or snack, toggling carbs and fats to find what helps satiety.

4. Eating more protein – it fills you up and the body has to work hard at breaking it down.

5. Fasting and intermittent fasting – either closing down your eating window each day by delaying breakfast or having lunch as your first meal, or having only 2 meals or having some days eating a lot less.

6. Detoxification/cleansing – drinking enough water to flush the body, minimising pollutants, chemicals and additives within the environment and within what we eat.

7. Getting enough sleep- seriously! Good sleep is medicine for the soul and body. It helps fat burn and reduces stress hormones and is very restorative. Try getting an extra hour by going to bed earlier or even get a power nap through the day (20 mins).

I hope these help you if you are stuck in a rut but more importantly get one over on the sneaky *astard!! 😉

Best wishes