So tell me what you want, what you really, really want


South African long jumper Luvo Manyonga won gold at the World Athletics Championships in London this week, after having turned his life around from drug addiction. It is an inspiring story. Addicted to crystal meth and living in an impoverished township he has managed to transform himself into a world champion. This could motivate us all, to think that we can achieve a complete turnaround in our lives, if we have the desire.

For us, mere mortals, we are probably not aiming to achieve world class status, however, we can aspire to a life that we consider to be ideal, healthful, and happy, no matter how far away it may seem. Why would it not be possible to have the life we dream of? We need to decide what it is we truly want and make decisions that lead that way, with support from the people close to us and a constant determination to commit, sacrifice and succeed.

Think about what you really want to achieve and work everything around it, so that success is likely. Accept that it will be tough, and remind yourself constantly of how important it is to you. Enlist the moral support of at least one other person; research shows social support is vital to your chances of reaching objectives.

Go for your gold!

Lisa 🙂