Spoken word to inspire…..

This is spoken word or a loose poem I wrote today. I think I was inspired as, as I write, Tom my son, reviews his 2019 athletic year with British Athletics. 

I wrote it to those who need a sign to get going and to those who are already along the path, but need a lift and encouragement to keep going. 

It all starts somewhere.

The seed of a goal or aspiration.

You have to WANT to do it.

Will today be the day to get going and work towards your dreams?

To create anything great, takes constant applied effort. 

Do you have it in you? 

Do you BELIEVE you can do it? 

All things great, came from one belief.

Yes. I. Can.  YES. I. CAN! 

Like many things worth waiting for, it doesn’t happen over night.

Be patient. 

Be in it for the long term.

Short goals are great, but it’s the realistic, steady, and applied goals that last the course.

Learn from what you’ve tried before. 

Previous failures are merely perfect learning experiences to grow and improve.

Be inspired by others, and let your self belief grow internally.

Learn your own unique pathway. 

Let the passion build and the fire grow within.

Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it! 

Dedicated to all my lovely clients and to Tom Dollery who now starts his training in earnest to qualify for the 2020 World Junior Championships. 

Best wishes 

Stuart / Dad 😊