Spreading the love……❤️





I was driving up the motorway early this morning listening to Vanessa Feltz on radio 2.

On her show, she has a section where people write in to give thanks to a special friend, or loved one.

It’s a really beautiful gesture.

It got me thinking.

How often do we actually take the time out to genuinely thank somebody or let them know you care?

I know when I have done it, it not only makes that person feel special, it also makes me feel good inside.

This then affects both yours AND that persons wellbeing.

I feel the way that modern life is set up, we are on the go all the time, thinking about the next thing, planning ahead, almost on autopilot.

Heck, there’s even courses set up now to try get us back to thinking in the moment,and to remind us to get more in tune with our own body!

Isn’t that seriously a bit crazy?!!

Well, whats the answer?

Not only making sure that you have some ‘me’ time to look after yourself, but also taking the time to let others know you care.

Now I’ve written that, is does sound a bit ‘hippy dippy’ but hey, nothing wrong in spreading the love!

I encourage you to try it today and find out what a difference it makes to people’s lives!

Until next week,
Best wishes