Stand by your desk!

‘Standing desks’ are becoming a popular item in work environments and at home. Research shows that daily, sustained chair dependency correlates with shorter life spans, metabolic diseases and cardiovascular disease. Periodic standing instead of sitting my help reverse that trend.

One of my clients has been using a ‘standing desk’ and told me how positive it has been for her.

How long have you been using the desk?

Since about December – it is such a regular feature now that it’s hard to remember when it arrived.

How long do you spend at the standing desk per day?

Well, it depends how tired I am in a day, or what I am doing.   If I am popping in and out of the office – in for some admin or emails than out for a meeting, or something like that – I try to stand most of the time. If I am working on a report or something, I sit more.  I try to do emails standing and I try to start the day standing, because it is better for my back and my energy.  But when I get into lots of concentrated computer work, I do tend to sit not stand.

What have been the main benefits to you so far from using the standing desk?

Definitely better for my back!  I have a tendency towards back pain, which is less now with the standing desk.   It makes me more focused – if I am standing, I faff about less, attend to each task more quickly and so save the strain on my legs!  Although, strengthening my leg muscles is one of my goals, [so it’s good for that].

Generally, I think it does help with energy and good breathing.  Although I have an ergonomic chair, I think that standing is better for the posture overall.  I am surprised by how much I like it and feel better for having it.

Would you recommend a ‘standing desk’?

Most definitely!  It’s a tad pricey but worth it.

Any other comments on the ‘standing desk’? 

Something to bear in mind when installing it – the one I have (a ‘Vari Desk’ ) is very large, so you need a bit of space for it.  And it weighs a lot and is awkward to move.  It’s fine once it’s in place, as it is designed not to move.  But it’s really hard to get it out of the box, so make sure you have someone to help with this.

Thanks to my lovely client for her useful comments. It sounds brilliant. We have an accidental standing desk, due to the computer being in an odd place, with no room for a chair, and I do agree that it feels much better for your back, and ensures that I don’t waste time ‘surfing’ around.

Lisa 🙂