Staying on track over Christmas




Well, whether we like it or not, Christmas is fast approaching & everything out there, is reminding us of that fact!

Typically in the media now, you will see ‘shape up for the festive season’ or ‘drop a dress size in time for Christmas’ etc

This time of year does tend to be a period of excess & it can be hard to stay on track.

Whilst I believe in applying moderation, will power can be tested & frequently there will be times you wished you hadn’t eaten or drunk quite that much.

Ideally it’s far better to make a sustained effort throughout the year, as opposed to last minute preparation. Minor losses just prior to xmas are likely to have little impact with continued excess throughout & after.

You could say blow it, enjoy it & work harder in the new year, but obviously this means a lot of extra work in the new year.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate & manage what can be difficult times;

🌲 PRE LOAD – especially good for buffet parties – eat foods that fill you up and carry you prior to going. Protein shake is an excellent one, but obviously find what works for you.
This way you can still eat some foods you like but not over eat.

🌲 PRIOR EXERCISE – if you know you are going to a big dinner party or boozy lunch, then train around it, to offset some of the calories. It’s less likely to happen post event, so ramp exercise up prior & have a rest day after.

🌲 BEWARE OF TRIGGER FOODS- those tins of sweets, packets of crisps, bowls of nuts, leftovers, etc if it’s in eyesight & reachable it’s very easy to overeat. Try to limit your situational triggers around you, that if they were not there, you probably wouldn’t eat.

🌲BUILD IN ACTIVITY – as well as formal exercise, build in walks & any chance to stretch your legs. Try & plan activities that everyone can do – go to the park, ice skating, kite flying, kicking a football, climb a hill, etc

🌲 PORTION CONTROL- try & execute suitable serving sizes, maybe even a smaller plate. You can always go back for more, rather than stockpiling.

🌲 BIOLOGICAL HUNGER – be in tune with what your actual needs are, rather than waiting for that horrible feeling where you feel you are going to explode!!

🌲 HYDRATION- simply keeping hydrated – especially with alcohol indulgence can help.
It limits false hunger pangs, fills you up & keeps the body working optimally.

It’s important to enjoy this time & not set up those guilt pangs. I believe if you manage & plan ahead, you will not only feel better but give yourself less work for the new year!

Best wishes
Stuart 😊