Stop the Yo-Yo-ing!


Over the last week through training my clients, I’ve realised the importance about each finding their own unique formula for long term maintenance of their body composition. Yes you can get very quick results with drastic measures but then what happens after? Results can be hard to maintain, body composition changes back, & often in a worse way than when first stared!
Last week I posted up about a new approach to fat loss from the metabolic effect. Through clinics & trial & error they noticed new formulas;


These are phased initially in a few week cycles to assess which works best for the individual. Then when you find out which works better for YOU, you can do more of what works & less of what does not!!
The importance here is ensuring your H.E.C is in check!
If these things are out of kilter it makes your life a lot harder to stick with it. So the idea is not to deprive & starve, but learn to have balance of these factors. Ideally you need to find what just satisfies these things & no more.
I was surprised actually how little was needed, when you do your detective work.
The metabolic effect have a new book out next week which covers all this & much more from Amazon ;
It’s called lose weight here & the authors are Jade & Keoni Teta.

I can only recommend highly. I’ve read a fair bit over the years & sifted through loads of papers/books/articles & it just makes sense. Not faddy or extreme but just refreshingly common sense & built on results.