Sugar vs Fat, the truth….






Sugar vs fat-  the truth….

There has been a fair bit of tabloid press recently over the debate of dietary fats vs sugars within health & disease.  I do get, that it gets very frustrating for Joe & Janet public, as we keep getting told different facts!

The thing is with any science topic, it’s always up for debate, and there will always be different sides to the story. We have to go with what the majority is thinking, at that time. There are even exceptions here though!!!

As coronary heart disease (CHD) is one of the worlds top killers, it makes sense that it’s investigated to find out what we can do to decrease risk.
Key factors are being looked at continuously so that we have can decide how best we can adjust these variables, to live longer, healthier, lives.

For many years we were told that we have to limit dietary fats, (especially saturated), as its a significant risk factor in CHD. For those of us with concerns we have tried to follow a low fat diet. When we look closely at low fat foods however what do we tend to find added instead – sugar!!

This year a review was undertaken and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, on fats & sugars impact on our health. It collated research & previously unseen internal papers to get a bigger picture.

What they found was not only payment to key personnel undertaking the research, but full research support funding, that were previously undisclosed, from companies with a vested interest!

Research findings were ‘adjusted/played down’ to wrongly highlight the dangers of dietary fat in CHD & downplay the effects of sugars!!!! What?!!!!!!!

So the low fat eating guidelines that a lot of us have been following for lowering CHD risks & eating healthier have been highlighted from fraudulent claims!

So the sugar research foundation & industry & even big conglomerate companies like Coca Cola had been paying there way to support studies to deliberately skew results & deflect blame!

Wow! Just Wow!

What can we learn from this? What is the take home information in this?

That dietary fats aren’t the enemy once thought (I will write about different fats over the coming months).

That sugar in its many forms has a greater impact on our health than previously thought.

That we need to be aware of the different forms that sugar is hidden – fructose, dextrose, sucralose, etc (check your food labels!)

That cutting down on sugar will have a major benefit to our overall health (especially refined & processed sugars).

That sugar does have an impact of CHD (I will write how soon also).

And to question the study methodology & who is funding the research.

A short insight, but both fascinating & worrying in equal amounts!!

Best wishes

Stuart 😊