Suits you sir! (And madam)…


Wow! Here we go then, January nearly over!!

Due to the gym I belonged to, closing down, I have now got another membership locally.

My clients are often surprised that I use a different gym, and not my own facilities.

Of course I do use ours, but much prefer to train elsewhere.

I love my work and love my gym, but I prefer to train anonymously elsewhere. I’ve always done that.

And this brings me to my point of writing this blog.

As far as working out and moving, just do whatever suits you!

For some they love the outdoors, running, biking ,swimming,and are bored of the inside of a gym.

Others are confirmed ‘gym bunnies’ and would do absolutely nothing else.

Some love just doing studio classes, and some just hate that, and prefer to work by themselves.

Whatever your penchant is, do whatever you enjoy, and will do regularly.

Yes certain types of exercise can be more suitable for certain goals, but we are all trying to build long term habits here!

Choose something that is sustainable and that you enjoy! (Even if it’s the after effects, not just the workout itself!)

So I heartily implore you to do some soul searching, go with your gut feeling as to what suits you, and find your own unique method of movement and activity.

Until next week, best wishes