Summer exercise anywhere programme!


One of the barriers towards getting more active is the proximity of a place to do it – worry no more!

This workout uses only body weight and you can do it anywhere in just a mat space!

It lasts just 20 minutes total including recovery time and gets your muscular and cardiovascular system working out all at once!

This is starting to sound like an infomercial!!

I give these type of workouts to clients for their home, hotel room, in fact anywhere, to prove you can keep exercise momentum when away or on the move.

There are some of these workouts that use weights but today’s is a no kit one!

The idea is to keep going, in order, through the exercises starting with 5 reps of each, then 4 of each, 3 of each, 2 of each, until you are only doing one of each exercise. Then you start again from the top!

Try and get as many ‘sets’ i.e. All exercises 5,4,3,2,1 into the 20 minutes. (You can do less)

You can rest at any time to take a breather and just go again as soon as you feel you can. (Within reason!)

Here are the exercises explained – unfortunately the video I made is too big) All can be adapted, (in brackets);

Hand elbow plank (from knee or toes)
Full press up position or 3/4 press up position, then rest alternate elbow down and then push back up.

Squat jumps (basic squat varying depth)

Feet hip width, sit the bottom back, chest up, arms back then drive upwards, land whole foot.

Alt leg plank (from knee)

Full or 3/4 press up start position then lift alternate foot or knee if too hard up only a few inches so you are resting on three points.

Press ups (full or from knee)

Shoulders over wrists, lead with chest not head, sink until upper arm parallel, push back without locking out.

Alternate lunge (Static)

Lunge out at a comfortable foot strike keeping front of foot and heel down on front foot, allow back knee to drop close to foot, maintain relative upright position and look ahead. You can keep it in that position or do alternate leg.


Best wishes