Support and Understanding….

The rollercoaster continues, but in a good way….

We have just heard that Tom is being considered in javelin for the youth international athletic meeting in Dublin on the 3rd August. The selection meeting is on the 22nd July. 

Such an honour to be considered, and of course Tom would accept immediately, to once again wear the England vest with pride. 

In typical Dollery fashion though, if selected, it would mean Tom and I leaving the family holiday a couple of days early, to fly direct to Dublin. 

It’s always a tough balance, and of course I naturally have concerns for the girls and lisa, but it’s not every day you are faced with a dilemma like this!!

Whatever happens, it’s an incredible achievement to even be considered by England athletics. 

Following on from last weeks blog, this confirms the level of commitment needed from those around you. 

With any of your own goals your ‘team’ around you makes a huge difference. 

Are those around you fully committed to helping your cause and do they understand what you are trying to achieve? 

Something I do with my clients, when I feel it helps, is  to create contract of agreement. 

This lays out the clients very specific goals, what I, as a trainer, can do to best support these goals, but also their significant other agreements, to help support them.

What this does is solidify the clients goals, as the format of writing it out, clearly delineates, purpose, action and intent. 

Then as a trainer we agree how best I can support these goals. Then their significant other(s) – friends, relatives, partner, lay out what they need to do to fully support them.

Quite a simple process, but actually very effective in improving attainment of goals. 

This is something you can try with those around you. You would be surprised how effective it can be, in helping to understand each other’s roles in the process. 

I would love to hear from anyone out there that tries this. 

Best wishes