2020 success!

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Normally on my last blog of the year I review all what’s been learnt, but with unprecedented times, I’ve decided to take a slightly different focus! I wanted to finish this year on a high. With great difficulties for many this year, it makes this achievement even more incredible and inspiring. This takes nothing away from all my other clients amazing achievements this year, and there have b...
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Greetings from Seville and best wishes for a happy 2020

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Greetings from Seville and best wishes for a very happy and healthy 2020.I hope you achieve your fitness goals in the coming year. Some points I think may help :Set realistic targets that motivate you for your own happiness, not to please others.Take part in exercise that you enjoy.Relish the intrinsic value of physical activity. Intrinsic motivation is closely linked with adherence, rather t...
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The human element….

  Well, that’s another year drawing to a close! I think, in true form, it appears that it’s gone even quicker than the last!! I personally think the end of the year IS actually a good time for reflection. It’s typical to bash the new year resolutions only because they don’t tend to last very long, but actually a new year can signal a fresh start for some, myself included....
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