Spoken word to inspire…..

This is spoken word or a loose poem I wrote today. I think I was inspired as, as I write, Tom my son, reviews his 2019 athletic year with British Athletics.  I wrote it to those who need a sign to get going and to those who are already along the path, but need a lift and encouragement to keep going.  It all starts somewhere. The seed of a goal or aspiration. You have...
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None of us are getting out Alive!!

I’m sat here in my car, at Loughborough University after having just come out of a lecture, put on by British Athletics, as part of Tom, my sons, Athlete Academy of Sporting Excellence. Not only am I super proud of his achievement, but I also feel very honoured and grateful, to be part of his amazing journey so far. The lecture was on how to be a ‘model’ parent to support your burg...
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Human traits!

I have just got back from a fascinating day, hosted by British Athletics, in which both parent and athlete,(myself and my son), where taught and induced, about the Athletics Academy of Sporting Excellence programme. This is performance pathway programme for 16-18 year olds, who they believe have potential to compete as a senior, internationally. The course is over two years, ove...
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