105 year old shows us how to get to her age

bristol personal trainer
This little clip of 105 year old Eileen, sent to me by a client, shows how exercise and a daily snooze has helped her to that grand age. She is an impressive lady. We see her performing Cat and Dog yoga poses, amazing opposite arm and leg lifts in a high plank and super press ups. The bit that made me laugh is when Eileen is shown driving, demonstrating her lasting skills. Not sure th...
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Ageing – it’s normal!

bristol personal training
While running on Saturday I thought how difficult it is to accept the fact that I cannot run as fast as I could a year or two ago. I've been thinking for a while 'why does running always feel so hard?' and 'there must be something wrong with me'. My husband says, 'it's probably that you're just getting older'. Mm, yes, thanks. It's true though, that senescence (the process of deterioratio...
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