What’s stopping you?

I had a client in this week that had felt like his workout was tougher than normal. The heat/humidity definitely made it harder, but he also does have a tendency to put up barriers towards his personal success. This is actually very common. We all hold beliefs or stories about ourselves that affect our behavior/actions towards achieving. The trick is knowing which ones to hold onto & which ...
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Mind your language!

When I write my weekly blogs I write them to make a difference to somebody's life. We are all bombarded with so much information all the time, I don't want to write reams about the subject . Ideally I want it to be just enough material to be thought provoking & to make a difference, even if small, to your own life. My thoughts this week turn to internal processing & belief systems. Just...
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Breaking down the barriers!

If you are considering new challenges for 2016 I would encourage you to consider your own personal barriers, that might impede your progress.   What do I mean by barriers? Anything that might get in the way of you achieving your goal.   I have one client who wants to pick up their running over next year. One such barrier was not having the right clothes to deal with the ele...
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