The POWER of words…..

So I was sat in a little seaside cafe this week taking some 'time out' with my beautiful wife. In it they had a little library snug, so I went and had a look and came back with a magazine that caught my eye. One article jumped out at me, as it was something close to my heart- the power of words! A strange one you might think, but no because the words we use, both saying out loud & our ...
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Lesson 11- Perseverance pays off!

  Two life experiences just this week that show that perseverance pays off! We had some fantastic personal news this week- we found our cat who was missing for a total of 4 weeks!! We spent a lot of time with social media, ringing contacts, posters, going out calling & looking most nights, following up leads - in all a LOT of effort - but it worked! After someone said they tho...
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