2018, a year of lessons learnt….

Wow! Another year nearly over! As my Grandad Tom once said; “if you think it goes quick now boy, wait till you get to my age!” (He was late 80’s when he said this!) A tough year personally, but there again we all have hard periods of time throughout our lives. I haven’t said it before but these blogs are always written from my heart, and it concerned me that it might appear writte...
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Appreciation of life!

Life. It can bring about many twists and turns. We shouldn’t be surprised really, as it’s these events, whether good or bad, that wake us up, and appreciate life just that little bit more, than we did before. The very sad passing of my father in law just recently, is case in point. Of course, with our busy lives, we often can take life for granted, and get bogged down in the nitty grit...
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