You are what you think!

I was speaking to a client this week about how her eating habits were going. Her reply was ; Oh, so, so, but I don’t hate myself enough to do anything about it at the moment! And this is a common issue and a genuine problem. Whilst people tend to be motivated by pain, or avoidance of pain, the issue is hating on yourself. What you think and tell yourself affects your wh...
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Cutting edge gut/brain health information

Wow! What can I say! Hot off the press! First day of the gut-brain health connection seminar today and I’m already blown away from the information I’ve been taught! As there is so much in both days, I’m going to share the knowledge over a number of blogs. The crux of the weekend was to share the now common knowledge that there is an inextricable link between your gut heal...
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Keeping on track….

I hope this blog finds you exactly where you want to be with your 2018 health, fitness and wellness goals? Just to say don’t worry if you are not totally on track. The pathway to your goals is never uniform and straight, it’s very up and down. That’s perfectly normal. I have to admit my pathway deviated a little over the festive period and I was glad to get back to a ‘normal’ r...
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