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We are back! 😊

We are SO pleased to tell you that we are re opening on Saturday 25th July, to do INSIDE training, at Personal Space! 😊  Now, as you will have read in one of our recent blogs, obviously there will be strict guidelines for all our clients, and for all the trainers. Your safety is paramount, that’s why we will do all that’s necessary to make your workout safe and effective, with...
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Therapeutic memories….

I’ve taken a step back by quite a few years today.  I’ve been going through hundreds of photos from the last of the clearance, from my mum and dads house. It really does feel quite therapeutic going through them all.  I was surprised at just how lifting it was.  Of course there are tinges of sadness because they are both no longer with us now, but i feel it helps ...
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What I’ve learnt about my own health during Covid 19, so far.

I’m a great believer that you can always make positives from a bad situation. Everyday is always a learning day. Covid19 is case in point. Here’s what I’ve personally learnt so far;  That I feel better with my overall wellness by not working so many hours, over a long period of time.That by taking more time out and focussing on myself (for a change) my wellness has i...
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Personal Space update!

I went in to Personal Space today , just to check up all was ok. I took the opportunity to do a short video and update our standpoint at present. Obviously there are lots of questions and many if/buts, so we will update further as the Covid19 situation unfolds. Best wishes Stuart and lisa https://vimeo.com/417211134
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Tips and tricks for C.O.R.O.N.A.V.I.R.U.S. 🦠

Here’s my checklist of ways to keep healthy, both mentally and physically, during the lockdown and beyond. Care- for yourself both mentally and physically by taking time out to care for you, the individual. We all deal with this situation differently so try to work out what you need. Whether it be time alone in a quiet space or blasting the lungs out on a cycle.  Optimism-...
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Hello World! 🐣

A very happy Easter to you all! You can see what we’ve been up to from the photo above, which I took this week. Leo our Labrador, chasing Tom (my son), in his kayak on the beach, very luckily,  in front of our house.  I just thought I’d check in with you all and see how you are doing physically and mentally? It’s unprecedented times, so I think it’s perf...
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Welcome to Nick….

Nick Dobson – Sports Massage Therapist A very big welcome to our latest member of staff Nick. He will be starting massage in the new year and will welcome talking through any issues you may have. Nick is a Level 3 (VTCT) Sports Massage Therapist who has worked within the health and fitness industry for the last few years using the skills, knowledge and qualifications he has gained to h...
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The journey ahead…

I have just finished watching the first day of the British Athletic Championships.  I was very interested in the men’s 100m final. It was a dead heat on time, so they had to look at the photo finish and measure from there. The final winner was ecstatic and the emotions got the better of him and I can understand why, but it made more sense when he gave his interview.  ...
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Client success story – Lara Hollander

--------------------------- I am 26 years old and work as a social media manager for the indie club night Propaganda. I trained in professional dance at London Contemporary Dance School and CalArts, and play flute and piano. And I have two house rabbits! I became ill with glandular fever over 5 years ago, not long after my graduation. I didn't recover, and was soon diagnosed with myalgic enc...
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