Cancer and resistance exercise

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CPeople who are living with or recovering from cancer can be reluctant to exercise for various reasons, but it is important to aim to preserve muscle mass with resistance exercise. It is associated with maintenance of normal daily activities and less fatigue. On reading an article by the American Council on Exercise (2020) I have taken the following information. The American College of...
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Cancer and the essential role of exercise

I listened to a Macmillan webinar on physical activity and its importance for people living with and beyond cancer. Key facts - More than 2.5 million people live with cancer in the UK. More people are surviving and living longer with cancer. By 2020, one in every two people will have developed cancer in their lifetime. Forty percent of all cancers are caused by lifestyle factors, s...
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Exercise is primary factor in fighting cancer say Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support’s new message is Move More – physical activity, the underrated wonder drug!   The cancer support charity has recently stated that “Family and friends could be doing more harm than good by insisting people with cancer ‘take it easy’ when they are going through treatment and recovery.” They add that “family and friends have a crucial role in supporting people to...
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