SAS or SAD?!

Why do you exercise? Serious question. For the majority of my clients, I’ve found it tends to be ‘weight’ change/ body composition improvements, or just ‘physically’ looking better. So, despite the obvious benefits of many exercise forms, especially from a health perspective, it’s ‘appearance’ that is a primary driver! I have to admit here, I would have included myself wi...
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Life hack #5 -Question everything!

personal training bristol
One thing I've learnt over the many years of Personal Training, reading reams of material and going on many courses/seminars/ conferences, is that you never take things for face value. Question everything. It's a good premise to start from. Research advances, new methods and ideas are found and developed, and old ideas debunked. As much as we like to compartmentalise everything i...
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Life hack #3 – keep your body guessing!

Bristol personal trainers,
The body gets used to the same routine - similar foods eaten in the same rotation, same type of exercises done in the same manner, it pays to change things up! Obviously if your routine is working for you it would be crazy to change it! Look out however for longer term plateaus, stagnation and boredom! For cardio exercise try something totally different - if you are doing inside t...
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