‘Shout out’ to Andrew

bristol personal training
I would like to give a 'shout out' to my client Andrew this week. He has been training with me since September 2019 and has made some notable improvements, which in turn are impacting his life very positively. Andrew has vascular dementia, diagnosed less than a year ago. He is also recovering from treatment for prostate cancer. I began to help him with exercise at home when his wife Yvonn...
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A legacy….

Well, a hugely emotional week for me (and many others) this week as we finally put my mum to rest.  It’s a strange thing grief. On one hand I feel profound sadness, and yet also personally a huge release. My mum is finally at peace and no longer has to suffer with the consequences of having Alzeimers. I just can’t tell you how abhorrent this disease is, in totally destroyin...
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Staying mentally strong….

After some devastating news this week that my father has also been afflicted with the same awful syndrome as my mum, my focus turns to mental health awareness, and what can be done to improve your own mental health status. One of my main personal goals over the year was to further increase wellness, part of which was mental health. Knowing this news as I do now, it has definitely escalat...
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