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Extreme measures…..

The hot news this week was that of the NHS prescribing 800 calorie liquid diets, to help reduce type two diabetes and associated obesity. This has been trialed and has been proved to be successful in reversing the effects in over half those trying it. The NHS have been set targets for national reduction, and this is just one measure. Type 2 or adult onset diabetes is different ...
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Three Cheers for Graham (HbA1c results update)

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I would like to thank my client Graham for this week's blog, which is in full below. He has worked really hard to reduce his blood glucose levels (measure of diabetes type 2) and this is his account. (Find the first part of Graham's story by typing Big hand for Graham in the search box on the blog page). “ I first reported in to the blog in Jan 2018 when I had a shock reading in my sugar levels...
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Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease

This persuasive text I found today from a link on the Idea Health & Fitness website is written by a US heart surgeon and was published in a journal called Prevent Disease in 2012. It supports the popular hypothesis that low-fat, high-processed-carbohydrate diets cause excess chronic inflammation in the body, which is what leads to heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Although the article i...
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Big Hand for Graham! HbA1c reductions with diet.

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Graham is a client of mine. He has halved his Diabetes blood measurements of HbA1c by changing his diet. I asked him if he could give us his story, and these are his words that follow. "I had a rude awakening in December 2017, when my GP advised that my borderline, diet controlled Diabetes type 2 had got more serious. The HbA1c blood test had come back with a high level of 95 mmol/mol, necessit...
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