Keep the fire burning! 🔥

Well, storm Ciara, is currently kicking in nicely as I sit in the comfort of my lounge.  Watching the trees bend and twist and the rain go horizontally, I’m just in awe of nature’s raw power.  I think the enforced rest has got Tom (my son) restless, as he’s out there (despite the weather) throwing his medicine ball with all his might, and running up and down, drilling with...
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Tom Dollery interview part 2….

What does an average week of training look like for you? My training through the season can change but currently it looks like this;  Monday’s I train mainly technical and some conditioning for 2 hours in the evening with one of my coaches, Mark at Andover Athletic club.  Tuesdays in the morning, I work with the strength and conditioning coach in the gym doing mainly Olympi...
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Dream big, but enjoy the moment….

    Ah, nearly the end of another year- wow! Can't quite believe it! It's an obvious time for reflection and it's something I do often. I personally find it comforting to do so, but I also believe it's not a healthy preoccupation to dwell. Whilst I certainly don't want to forget my past and think back to all the enjoyment I've had, I do feel it's very important to allow f...
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