None of us are getting out Alive!!

I’m sat here in my car, at Loughborough University after having just come out of a lecture, put on by British Athletics, as part of Tom, my sons, Athlete Academy of Sporting Excellence. Not only am I super proud of his achievement, but I also feel very honoured and grateful, to be part of his amazing journey so far. The lecture was on how to be a ‘model’ parent to support your burg...
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Encouraging or Discouraging??

I’ve noticed more recently on my social media, a number of posts talking about Personal Trainers and body image. The discussions were based around what a Personal Trainer should look like, and what it represented to prospective clients. One trainer was told that “clients should not go with him because he didn’t have a six pack”. It was inferred that as he didn’t, his knowledge wasn...
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A Helping hand…..

Short & sweet this week (just like me 😄)! This week I got a feeling that somewhere out there, people needed some help & encouragement. So this is for those that are following a healthy lifestyle regime & having difficulties.   Remember it's the journey, not the end result, & that one slip does not make a fall,   That no matter how small improvements...
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