10 of my best personal trainer life hacks!

As I've got older and a more experienced personal trainer, I've realised that you have to train smarter, not necessarily harder! There are ways of getting results that mean you don't have to train the most, the longest, or the most intensely, ALL the time! You just need to know the life hacks that save time in the long run. In homage to this, over the next 10 weeks I'm listing a...
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Blinded by science…..

Life can be very confusing. We read, see and hear such conflicting information around fitness, health and nutrition, all the time. You might be left wondering who's right and whose wrong?! The thing is, ultimately, we all want a definitive answer on our questions! Is ketogenic eating the best way of eating? Is Paleo the way to go? Should we eat all fats? Is fastin...
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