Gut /Brain health connection 3!

Part of improving your gut and brain health will be to limit Dysbiosis - that is the imbalance of your gut biome - gut bacteria - microbiota. These are a collection of microorganisms and microbes that live in and on your body. There are many factors that affect an efficient microbiome - stress, types of food, drugs, alcohol, exercise and movement, mental status, existing illness/conditi...
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The Gut Brain connection 2

As touched on from last weeks blog, we strive for ultimate overall health and wellness, however we find increasing numbers of mental health issues and related diseases. In this modern world, the brain has to contend with a cocktail of haywire hormones, internal and external toxins, inflammation, increasing mobile phones usage, nutritional deficiencies, and a barrage of many other stres...
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Gut/Brain connection 1!

Well, where do I begin to decipher all my notes, slides and thoughts, from an epic seminar weekend, on cutting edge information for brain and gut health? I plan to breakdown areas into bite size readable pieces, to make it a little easier to digest! (pun intended!) 🙄 You don’t need to even look at the statistics to see or hear, we actually have a very sick nation. T...
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