Tips and tricks for C.O.R.O.N.A.V.I.R.U.S. 🦠

Here’s my checklist of ways to keep healthy, both mentally and physically, during the lockdown and beyond. Care- for yourself both mentally and physically by taking time out to care for you, the individual. We all deal with this situation differently so try to work out what you need. Whether it be time alone in a quiet space or blasting the lungs out on a cycle.  Optimism-...
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Gut/Brain connection 1!

Well, where do I begin to decipher all my notes, slides and thoughts, from an epic seminar weekend, on cutting edge information for brain and gut health? I plan to breakdown areas into bite size readable pieces, to make it a little easier to digest! (pun intended!) 🙄 You don’t need to even look at the statistics to see or hear, we actually have a very sick nation. T...
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Blood test supplementation!

personal trainer bristol
You can see all of the tablets that I’m taking in the picture to improve my overall health, based on the full blood spectrum test, that I had this year. Each one has a specific purpose, and I’m taking all at different times throughout the day. It’s hard to say which specific one might be helping, but I will report back more after 3 months. Here’s why I’m taking these supplements (and...
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Optimal wellness 💪🏼💥

  This picture is taken from my perspective as I'm sat down on the downs in Bristol, after a lovely sunny short walk, taking in the fresh spring air and the last of the days warm rays. How life affirming! One of my acts towards getting myself back more wellness, is getting out more in the fresh air and walking. Not even power walking, just take in all the surroundings, enjoying lif...
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Always look on the bright side of life!

This week I went through some highs and lows of emotion, which I noticed, at the time, had a significant impact on my physical self. One day my son left his brand new spiked running shoes and PE kit at the bus stop, and I was angry and upset. I spent an hour in immediate response mode, feeling very stressed and sweaty, whilst I took action to attempt to recover them. A few days later it turned up ...
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