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Fat loss truth bombs – part 2!

This is the second part (of 3) installments of the fat loss truth bombs series, with highlights taken from a 2 day seminar from a world expert on hormones. Be aware of your overall stress levels and individual stressors. Activity and exercise whilst beneficial is still an additional stressor to your overall system. Be in tune with your body's needs in terms of activity/exercise an...
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Fat loss truth bombs! 💣💥

      This is a 2 part (possibly 3!) blog highlighting my main learnings from a recent two day seminar on the hormonal effects of fat loss. Whilst the course was very 'sciencey', I'm going to disseminate it in laymen terms, to get to the nitty gritty of useable information. Here goes!   1. That fat loss can be attained way easier when your overall healt...
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Maximising hormonal response in gaining muscle & losing body fat

This time last week I had just finished a seminar about hormonal response on muscle gain & fat loss. I have to say absolutely fascinating & an area I really want to learn a lot more about. With SO much information, it's a lot to take in and digest, but I will do my best over the next few weeks/months. I will share what I have learnt to help you understand a little bit more about changin...
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