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Common running injuries and how to avoid them part 2

The major muscles that control ankle rotation are on the front of the shin and in and around the calf. To improve the capacity of these muscles to contract, lengthen and relax effectively during running, massage them using a foam roller or tennis ball, and then try the following rotation exercises : Place toes of one foot up against base of wall or half foam roller. Gently bend ankle for...
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Common running injuries and how to avoid them, part 1

Four of the most common running injuries are : Patellofemoral syndrome – pain on the front of the knee, near or under the kneecap Iliotibial band syndrome – pain at the outside of the knee and sometimes the side of the hip Plantar fasciitis – pain at the bottom of the foot, or in the heel Achilles tendonitis – pain at the back of the leg, near the heel   These injuries o...
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